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Contacting the "Radar Pages" Editor

I will be delighted to hear from you however I must advise you that it may take me a while to get back to you as I lead a very busy life; between family commitments, my work at sea and The Radar Pages there's not too much time left for anything else. My apologies if you haven't had a reply to a mail yet, I'm slowly working through the (Huge!) backlog.

I receive a lot of correspondence asking for information that is already available in The Radar Pages. Please save my time by checking The Radar Pages and the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page thoroughly for the information you require before writing to me.  If it is not here then I either do not know or my research is at an early stage.

I keep copies of all the mail that you send to me and from time to time I trawl through it looking for more information to add to the pages as they develop. Much of the content of this site has been provided by the readers and I look forward to receiving your comments, advice, contributions and observations.

Please note that unless you specifically tell me otherwise I shall assume that letters, e-mails, images and information sent to me are intended for publication with acknowledgement of the source. If this is not the case or if you require anonymity please tell me and I will respect your wishes.


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The Radar Pages guest book:

I regret that this service has been suspended. We were being hit by offensive postings that we could not delete; I sent several emails to Jupitermedia however I have had no response from them to date.

A few years ago Jupitermedia, the operators of, gave users only 5 days notice that they were about "upgrade" our accounts and would begin to charge for the facility. Unfortunately this happened when I was at sea and unable to either accept their "upgrade" offer or retrieve the 10 pages of comments in The Radar Pages guest book. I wrote to them and asked if I could retrieve the data, to be told that this would only be possible if I accepted their "upgrade" offer; this means, in effect, that they were holding our data to ransom. Given these circumstances I decided to pay up and buy some time to investigate which scripts are required to set up a guest book of our own on our server.

Let this be a salutary lesson to all webmasters; if you rely on third party service providers for features such as guest books, counters or similar, ensure you retrieve and back up your data regularly, you can never tell when the rug will be pulled out from under you!

anired10_next.gifIf you are asking a question, have you checked the FAQ?anired10_back.gif

 Guest book Archive

    I've archived some of the Guest Book pages; please click on the computer and disc box icon to go there.

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