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The Radar Pages

All you ever wanted to know about British WWII and Cold War air defence radar

Chain Home transmitter tower (photo - CHIDE)

Chain Home transmitter tower
(photo - CHIDE)

Type 93 radar, RAF Portreath 1991.
(photo Mark Evans)

The Radar Pages is dedicated to preserving the memory of R.A.F. air defence radar personnel and equipment. The web site attempts to capture the esprit de corps of R.A.F. radar past and present and presents a catalogue of R.A.F. equipment from the earliest days to the present. The site includes a Radar Theory section for educational purposes and Oral History, a growing archive of anecdotal accounts of R.A.F radar orientated life experiences. The web site is also designed to provide a one stop source for researchers, historians and casual enquirers seeking information about R.A.F radar, personnel and equipment. To aid this aim there are comprehensive lists of contact addresses, web sites and reading references.

The Radar Pages has been ordered into fairly logical sections that can be reached by using the text links in the left hand panel. Additionally there are ActiveX links and Java script drop down menus on some pages but note that some browser security settings can disable them.

I receive a lot of correspondence asking for information that is already available in The Radar Pages. Please save my time by checking The Radar Pages and the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page thoroughly for the information you require before writing to me.  If it is not here then I either do not know or my research is at an early stage.

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My apologies if you haven't had a reply to a mail yet, I'm slowly working through the (Huge!) backlog. Unless you specifically tell me otherwise I shall assume that letters, e-mails, images and information sent to me are intended for publication with acknowledgement of the source.

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Please be aware that much of the content on this site is the intellectual property of third parties and is reproduced here with their permission. In some instances it has not been possible to contact intellectual property or copyright owners and seek t heir permission to reproduce their work on this site. I would be pleased to hear from these owners and formally ask their permission to reproduce the item on this site and ensure that their work may be properly acknowledged here.

Disclaimer: Please consult the Disclaimer statement for this web site which ca n be found here.

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