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AP 3302 Pt. 3

Section 1


Factors affecting the performance of Pulse-Modulated Radars

Again, like the p.r.f., the value of pulse duration selected for a radar is a compromise between conflicting factors (Fig 22). Because of this some radars have several values of pulse duration which may be selected as required.

Some Typical Applications

We can see from what has been said that a radar set is a compromise. Great range is incompatible with good range resolution, high accuracy and high scanning speeds. The selection of the p.r.f. and pulse duration depend upon many factors, some requiring high values and others low values. Steep and narrow pulses are necessary but this means increasing the receiver bandwidth and hence the noise factor. If the bandwidth is reduced the pulse is distorted. All these conflicting requirements are considered by the designer. The result is that a radar set designed for use in one role would be of little value in another role. Each application requires different variations in all the variable factors.

It would be impossible to consider more than a very small number of typical applications


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