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AP 3302 Pt. 3

Section 1


Some examples of the uses of pulsed radar

  • Various receivers-used in conjunction with ground-based navigational beacons, including tertiary radar systems (e.g. TACAN). The information obtained from these receivers can be used to provide the position of the aircraft at any instant.
  • Various receivers-used in conjunction with ground-based homing beacons sited on air-fields. The output from the receiver is applied to instruments which indicate bearing (and, sometimes, range) to the airfield at which it is intended to land.
  • Instrument landing system (ILS) receivers-used in conjunction with ground-based equipment. ILS provides information on azimuth and elevation errors in relation to a set glidepath to an airfield runway and is used during runway approach in conditions of poor visibility.

Not all aircraft will carry all the equipment discussed above. But military aircraft carry at least one of the available aids. We shall discuss some of these systems later in this book.


In this Chapter we have considered a representative cross-section of pulse-modulated radars in use at the present time. This has been done only at basic level - sufficient to give us an idea of the range of pulsed radars available and the roles that they play. More detail will be given about the circuits and arrangements used in these radars later in this book.


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