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AP 3302 Pt. 3

Section 1


Basic Requirements Of A Pulse-Modulated Radar System

Schematic Diagram of Basic Primary Radar

Fig 12 shows how the various stages which we have discussed are linked together to form a block diagram of a basic primary radar system.

The waveforms which we should see if we connected an oscilloscope to the numbered points in Fig 12 are illustrated in Fig 13.

The action of each 'block' may be summarised as follows:

    a. Master timing unit. The timing pulses produced by this unit control the p.r.f. of the equipment and are applied to:

    (1) The modulator to 'trigger' the transmitter operation at precise and regularly recurring instants of time.
    (2) The indicator timebase generator to synchronize the c.r.t. trace with the transmitter operation.


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