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Oboe AMES Type 9000


    smaller number was more realistic: consequently, Oboe was used for special bombing strikes on specific targets or, when a greater effect was required, for use by target-marking Pathfinders who led in the main force.

In a further article, Bruce Neale refers to the elimination of Hitler's guided weapon sites by Oboe-aided bombers, and continues:

    If the destruction of these sites was Oboe's only success, it would have been worth while in terms of lives saved from the flying bomb. As it was, Oboe (along with H2S, Gee, Gee-H) played a decisive part in the total bomber offensive against Germany. But one must never forget the courage, skill and dedication of the pilots and navigators of the Pathfinder Force and, of course, the superlative qualities of the ubiquitous Mosquito! Towards the end of the war in Europe, food 'bombs' were dropped on Holland for the starving Dutch people. By pre-arrangement with the Dutch Resistance, a site was chosen well away from the German security forces for a 'drop'. The precise aiming point was signalled to London and the CAT/MOUSE ranges calculated. At a pre-arranged time Oboe Mosquitoes carrying food cannisters set out to rendezvous with the Resistance and the cannisters were dropped to within 30 yards of the aiming point where eager hands rapidly distributed the contents.

Bruce then recalls a visit to The Hague in 1976, where he 'had the good fortune to meet Professor Eric Goldbohm who was a member of the Dutch Resistance and was present at the receiving end of one of these operations. He remarked on the accuracy of the drop; in fact he was very nearly clobbered by one of the cannisters. He said how truly grateful the Dutch people were and bought me a pint!'

Note:   For full technical details of Oboe, see F. E. Jones, 'Oboe: A Precision Ground-based Blind-bombing System';Journal lEE, Vol. 93, Pt. IIIA, No. 2, 1946.

The preceding extract is taken from "Radar - A Wartime Miracle", by C. Latham and A. Stobbs (Sutton Publishing Ltd., Phoenix Mill, Thrupp, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 2BU, 1999, ISBN 0-7509-1114X)

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