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AP 3302 Pt. 3

Section 2


Electronic Switching Circuits

between the two main electrodes is such that ionization does not occur even when the maximum available voltage is applied across them. Ionization is initiated by the application of a trigger pulse to the trigger electrode. The gap between the trigger electrode and the electrode into which it is inserted then breaks down and ionization occurs. Once the gas has been ionized in this way the voltage between the main electrodes is sufficient to spark the main gap and the valve ‘fires’, its resistance falling to a very low value. The spark is extinguished and the valve stops conducting when the voltage between the two main electrodes falls below the ionization voltage of the gas. The trigatron is used in a modulator circuit in much the same way as a thyratron, to discharge the delay line through the load. The trigatron passes currents of the order of a few amperes at high voltage levels. This is less than the current which a thyratron can handle (and very much smaller than the ignitron current) but the trigatron has the advantage that no heater supply is required.


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