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AP 3302 Pt. 3

Section 2


Other Square Wave Generators

Instant A. The positive trigger pulse applied to the suppressor grid reduces the bias between the suppressor grid and the cathode sufficiently to allow anode current to flow. This causes Va to fall and, since a capacitor cannot change its charge instantaneously, the fall of Va is transferred to the control grid through C1. Vg1 therefore falls and the resulting fall in the total space


current causes Vk to fall. The fall in Vk reduces the bias between the suppressor grid and the cathode even more and the anode current rises further. Va therefore falls further and the action is cumulative and continues until Vg1 is just above cut-off. It cannot continue beyond this point because if Vg1 went below cut-off, Va would rise again, lifting Vg1 above cut-off, causing Va to fall, and so on. The cumulative action therefore ceases with Vg1 just above cut-off Since the valve has now almost cut itself off the total space current is very small and Vk is just above zero volts.



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