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AP 3302 Pt. 3

Section 2


Other Square Wave Generators

We have similar cross-coupling impedances between the two stages, one a resistor and the other a capacitor. Unlike the multivibrator however the connec-tion from V1 anode is to V2 suppressor grid and V2 also has a 'Miller' capacitor C3.

The arrangement and the action of V2 are similar to those of the phantastron. V1 provides the switching action which returns the circuit to its stable state at the end of the Miller rundown. The circuit may be triggered by a negative pulse either to the control grid or to the suppressor grid of V1. Suppressor grid triggering is more usual.

In the stable condition, before the application of a trigger pulse, V1 is conducting normally with its control grid and suppressor grid both at zero volts. V1 anode voltage is therefore low and is sufficient to keep V2 suppressor grid below the anode current cut-off


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