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Name: Phil Edon (Homepage)

Country: UK

Date: Tue May 15 16:53:13 2001

Comment: Found you by accident! looking for bloodhound info.Worked on Bloodhound at West Raynham, Bawdsy and Wattasham. Your photo on the help does look like a type 87 the tube between the dishes is a tracking camera. Anyone seen an RTS2 bomb plotting radar around.It was my first radar at RAF Lindholme in 1973.

Name: Victor (Homepage)

Country: South Africa

Date: Fri May 4 07:28:25 2001

Comment: Hi Dick! Your work is excellent. I am going through your notes. I am stuck at Section 2, Chapter 5, Page 98. Clamping Circuits. The page does not turn on to the next page. The Hand sign does not come up. Can you please check!! Thanks. (Sorted - Ed.)

Name: Rod Goslin (Homepage)

Country: UK

Date: Fri May 4 02:57:12 2001

Comment: I nicely put together site, which brought back a host of pleasant memories. I served as a National Serviceman, in '58, 59. A year in Locking, and a year in N Germany (296 SU), as a rotors fitter, on T80 and T13 (Mk V). I still reckon that the RAF training course was the best training that I ever had. A wonderful sensation, standing at the end of the top antennae walkway, at night, watching the world go round.

Name: Miguel Villafuertes (Homepage)

Country: Espa˝a

Date: Tue May 1 18:24:37 2001

Comment: Thanks for your work, it seem to me very interestin and just that I┤m looking for.

Name: Victor (Homepage)

Country: South Africa

Date: Tue May 1 17:59:34 2001

Comment: Dick, well done for your excellent work on presenting the complete Radar theory. I worked for Atlas Aircraft assembling fighter jets back in South africa. Thank you.

Name: Rick Leach (Homepage)

Country: England

Date: Sun Apr 29 17:10:41 2001

Comment: Served from 1983-1990 as an AD. Based at Locking, West Raynham, Staxton Wold, Bishops Court. Employed on Bloodhound SAM (85 Sqn), Rapier SAM (66 Sqn RAF Regt), Type 93 (Plessey AR320) Mobile Tactical Radar. RAF Locking courses were MAD 16 ('83) and FAD 41 ('87-88).

Name: Richard Monaghan (Homepage)

Country: England

Date: Mon Apr 16 16:28:47 2001

Comment: RAF 12 years; Bawdsey 1959-60, 1960-63 247 and 112 Squadron T83,1964 Neatishead T85, Bishopscourt 1969. Plessey Radar AR5, Addlestone and Cowes,and on site 1970-75.
Very interesting pages.

Name: Don Thompson (Homepage)

Country: UK

Date: Mon Apr 9 19:43:54 2001

Comment: Served at RAF Sandwich on early ames T7/13/14, and then on Rotor T80/FPS3. in the early-mid50's.
Some remnants still remain especially the HAPPIDROME op blocks. T7 bases are still extant.
Anyone remember the so called UFO experience during exercise ARDENT in 1955?
I also served in 3604 Fighter Control Unit with the R.Aux.a.f. until disbandment in 1961.

Name: brian(dutch)holland (Homepage)

Country: U.K

Date: Sun Apr 8 20:00:08 2001

Comment: Just surfing found through appbe site. Ex Ch/Tech
air radar.

Name: Jan Blackie (Homepage)

Country: South Africa

Date: Thu Apr 5 22:35:25 2001

Comment: Thanks for a great site Dick. I served in the South African Air Force - airborne radio nav and radar from 1969. Did service in the old Rhodesia, Namibia (South West Africa) and Angola during the border wars. Then in the armaments industry and on to the S.A. Weather Service for the past 18 yrs. Now more involved with weather radars. The notes bring back memories as I was trained on them. Now I am using them to train my staff as well.

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