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Name: John Scoullar (Homepage)

Country: Scotland

Date: Sat Jun 2 19:28:19 2001

Comment: Hi Dick, I'm one of Sandra's work collegues and am visiting your web page on Sandra's recommendation, but also in my capacity as an ex-Halton brat (1947 to 1950).
Congratulations - Well done!!!

Name: Q (Homepage)

Country: Uk But in Saudi

Date: Thu May 31 15:41:48 2001

exDR16, good site, I recognise too many of the pictures!..

Name: Harold Wood (Homepage)

Country: USA

Date: Wed May 30 06:11:03 2001

Comment: Good page. In 1942 I installed IFF sets at CHL
stations along the coast from Margate to Ventnor,
Isle of Wight.

Name: Frank VOROS (Homepage)

Country: belgium

Date: Tue May 29 16:46:26 2001

Comment: very nice site to learn about radar
I search radar simulation sreensaver please send me at

Name: Ken Anderson (Homepage)

Country: Australia

Date: Tue May 29 07:23:53 2001

Comment: Great site. I served in the RAN as a REM 1955-1961, working on 960, 277/293, 262, 974.
After leaving the Navy worked at Woomera on AN-FPS16s then at Toowooba at the NASA Applications Technology Satellite TGS where we had a liquid helium cooled maser/paramp 4Ghz receiver. Later went to the NASA station at Carnarvon [Western Australia]to work on the AN-FPQ6 there. Finished up at Sale[Victoria] working for Esso on control systems for the offshore oil and gas platforms.

Name: Don Thompson (Homepage)

Country: uk

Date: Mon May 28 19:47:44 2001

Comment: Served in RAF 1953-1958as Ground radar operatoor(GCI). and then in R.Aux.a.f until disbanded in 1961. Stationed at RAF Sandwich, initially in the original HAPPIDROME afterwards on Type 80 and FPS3.
Was with 3604 FCU whilst in RauxAF.

Name: Peter J S Ashley (Homepage)

Country: United Kingdom

Date: Sun May 27 23:50:40 2001

Comment: Hello again

You quote extensively from AP3302. What other access do you have to Air Publications in general?

Kind regards

Peter Ashley (Ashers)

Name: Peter Ashley (Homepage)

Country: United Kingdom

Date: Sun May 27 23:14:40 2001

Comment: Excellent site. I served in the RAF for 4 years as a ground radar fitter. (1954 to 1958). After training at RAF Yatesbury, Wilts. I was posted to 891SU Cold Hesledon a R1 CEW Rotor site where I took charge of one shift working on type 13 and type 14 systems.
I am very keen to build up my own web site about this station and am gathering together as much information as I can.
Unfortunately my memory is somewhat in decl

Name: Colin Chapman (Homepage)

Country: UK

Date: Wed May 23 13:36:30 2001

Comment: Try looking at for cobra mist info released from US DoD in 1993!

Currently Hd Air Defence Systems Lecturer at Cranwell working with Lew Paterson.

Name: David Folkes (Homepage)

Country: Australia

Date: Tue May 22 23:05:47 2001

Comment: Very interesting website. I am a RADAR tech here at Sydney airport and found your site while looking for info on RADAR history.
73 de Dave VK2GHZ.

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