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Name: G Evans (Homepage)

Country: Canada

Date: Tue Jul 24 18:46:11 2001

Comment: This is a pretty good and impressive web site. A lot of effort has been made to capture some of the details of the radar material. Part of my training as an L Tech AD was the type 80 (mainly the tx interlock line) back in 1979, then followed other assignments back on UKADG, such as West Drayton, RAF Wattisham (Bloodhounds Type 86 and 87) and RAF Staxton wald (Type 84 and 85 and the HF 200). Good O

Name: Maureen (Homepage)

Country: USA

Date: Tue Jul 24 06:10:34 2001

Comment: George Burville - continuation: I must have gone over 500 characters on my previous message. I wanted to say that it is comforting to know that George lives on through his web site and because of him many old friends have been reunited. Thank you for remembering my darling brother - George.

Name: Maureen (Homepage)

Country: USA

Date: Tue Jul 24 06:02:10 2001

Comment: Thank you for including in your page Phil Mill's letter about George Burville. George was my precious brother and was visiting me in San Diego when he was taken from us on Christmas Eve 2000. He had, the last few days of his life, spent many long hours updating his page and answering emails so that he could take a small break over Christmas. He loved his page and it gave him renewed vigor after his stroke in '93 - he was always so enthusiastic about the challenges it gave him. It is com

Name: R A Smith (Homepage)

Country: UK

Date: Sun Jul 15 18:42:09 2001

Comment: Did national service as a radar operator at RAF Bawdsey 1955-57,used Type 7 & fps3+chlow & extra low. Type 80 was being installed on demob.CH towers (4)were still there but long redundant,but we still had to do fire picket on them.Half of 1 CH tower still exsists for sea navigation.

Name: Alan Fakley (Homepage)

Country: Scotland

Date: Mon Jul 9 21:19:36 2001

Comment: Excellent Web site. Please note the T85 was built by AEI. Marconi brought out AEI long after the T85 was built.(critics might argue if Marconi built the T85 we would still be waiting for it.)
Ex T85 fitter, Staxton 86 - 89.

Name: Herbert (Henry)Hall (Homepage)

Country: New Zealand

Date: Mon Jul 2 06:43:23 2001

Comment: I have an Oral History which may interest you. It is 8 pages of typescript and I will mail you a copy if you will let me have your postal address.
I have tried to contact you by email but my provider is unable to find you. Regards Herbert

Name: Jim Christopherson (Homepage)

Country: UK

Date: Wed Jun 27 01:53:47 2001

Comment: RAF 1953-62,724SU,WILDENRATH;54-57,BISHOPSCOURT; 57-61,280SU; 61-62.Then Airwork Services/Limited at Sopley,Hurn,Saudi Arabia[71-74],Hurn, Oman [77-85]. Retired 1993

Name: Steve Wilks (Homepage)

Country: UK

Date: Tue Jun 12 22:25:46 2001

Comment: Just what I have been serching for.
Thank you for all your time and effort.
It must have taken months or maybe years to put all this together.
I am very appreciative.
I teach Radio/Radar at Crawley College but only at a very low level.
Steve Wilks

Name: Don Gilham (Homepage)

Country: England

Date: Tue Jun 12 21:43:12 2001

Comment: Hi

Very interesting webpage. I am not a techie, but an ATCO........just thought I'd put in a mention for the good old Type 82.

Not only a Bloodhound Missile RADAR but a damned fine ATC one too, lasting well in to the Eighties before retirement.

Shame you don't have any pictures. (Watch this space! - Ed.)

Name: Paul Tootill (Homepage)

Country: UK

Date: Mon Jun 11 21:54:35 2001

Comment: I was a Linesman Link Fitter from 74 to 80, serving initially at Cape Gata and then for 5 years at Staxton Wold. This is the best site I have ever seen on this topic. Fantastic.

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